General Rules (Section I)

  • Vandals & Spammers will not be tolerated very easily.
  • People can tell people about themselves like they want to. No one will be permitted to edit anyone else's profile.
  • This is to be a family-friendly wiki, and although editors under 13 are not encouraged, they are allowed just as well as anyone else, and we will keep things friendly and safe for them.
    • No cursing.
    • No gore pictures.
    • No bullying.
    • Finally, NO PERPETUAL ANNOYANCES. After a couple days, the person who does is blocked permanently.
  • Don't say you made something if someone else made it. Please link to their original creation if you want to use their work.

Uploading Files (Section II)

  • Upload all you want! This wiki is not about official stuffs. Just make sure whatever you upload corresponds to all of the above rules and is not a real-life photo that was taken of anything but fan art.
    • Also, only official pictures and fan art are permitted on fanon pages. If you wanna use anything else you've uploaded, your user page, messages and comments are the only places where they are permitted.

Editing stuffs (Section III)

    • Unless you're correcting grammar or something like that.
    • If you do, whether you're new or not, you will be banned for three months the first time, and the second time it will be permanent.
  • Try to be accurate with grammar and true to official canon.
    • For example, if the game takes place after Banjo-Tooie, Klungo will no longer have been working with Grunty.
  • No creating articles just for spam.
  • Try not to talk about the player specifically when describing gameplay - use "the player," "the duo", and "Banjo and Kazooie", rather than using the word "you."

Commenting and Messaging (Section IV)

  • General Rules (Section I) apply here.

Ban Guidelines (Admins read) (Section V)

  • The following will happen if any of the above rules (exceptions being made clear) are bent or broken:
    • When a new editor is just getting accustomed to the wiki and breaks an above rule, they will be let off with a warning.
    • When a new editor does it again, or if an established editor makes their first offense, they and their talk page will be banned for one month.
    • If it happens again for either case, they will be banned for three months.
    • And if one more time, they will edit here no more.
      • If an admin comes and tells you not to do something, or sends you a message regarding your being blocked, deleting the message is a very wrong thing to do and one who does will be further punished.